Let’s Play “The Old Tree”

Alright, my writer’s block is kicking up again, the last post in my “Rapture Revisited” series is on its umpteenth rewrite, and I’m worn out. I’m really hoping to have it posted by Saturday, but in the meantime, please enjoy my first “Let’s Play” video:

This cute, quick little point-‘n-click was recommended by @IndieGamerChick on twitter. You can read her take on it here.

Did I mention that The Old Tree is free to play? Download it from Steam and try it for yourself!

See you back here Saturday!



Mudlarks is a point-and-click adventure from indie developer Cloak and Dagger Games. It freely mixes fictional European history, paranormal events, and, of course, the strangely tantalizing world of mudlarks, people who muck about the shores of the Thames in search of historical artifacts. Besides being a decent game in its own right, Mudlarks shows what a small, amateur dev team can accomplish when they focus on what matters most.

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