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Rapture Revisited Part 4: Questions Over Answers

The last thing I expected from my first BioShock playthrough was an exploration of objectivism. But that’s also part of what made it such a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Few games have so deftly mixed violent action sequences with philosophical exposition.

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Blasphemous Rumors 2

Christian Themes in Bioshock Infinite (Part 2 of 2)

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve been to the flying city of Columbia, walked its streets and heard the ringing of its church bells. I ventured into the towering statue, braved the onslaught of the songbird, and rescued the girl.

And, I’ve seen “it”, the end, the infamous event behind the controversy.

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Blasphemous Rumors 1

Christian Themes in Bioshock Infinite (Part 1 of 2)

Back around January of 2013, months before Bioshock Infinite had been released, a curious story about one of its developers circled the sociosphere. Various videos, tweets, and blog posts told of an Irrational Games employee—a self-professing Christian—who, upon witnessing the game’s denouement, quit his job. There had been no fuss, no argument, no bitter tirades or exclamations of moral outrage. He simply closed the game, turned to his own laptop, and wrote a letter of resignation.

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