Rapture Revisited Part 3: Avoiding Spoilers

Not much happened in this play session aside from getting the jeepers scared out of me by the first houdini splicer I met. So instead of talking about the gameplay, let me just say this:

Avoiding spoilers for Burial at Sea Episode 2 has become impossible.

Rapture Tea Gardens

Without even trying, through unrelated Google searches and general web meanderings, I have learned two important facts about BaSe2. I won’t mention them here just in case you haven’t played yet, either.

I’ve heard some people say they aren’t bothered much by spoilers. I’ve even heard of people who, when they start a new book, read the last page first.

I don’t know these people. I can’t wrap my brain around their approach. Discovery is such a core, intrinsic part of my enjoyment of a story. Learning too much in advance robs me of something I relish, something I can’t ever get back.

So then: maybe I should abandon BioShock and play Burial at Sea Episode 2 instead.

I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately, what puts me at risk of encountering spoilers—learning as much as I can about the game—is the same thing that enhances my experience. As sure as I am that Burial at Sea’s authors packed the game with more than enough information to adequately grasp the story, there’s another whole level of enjoyment waiting for me if I know the stories behind the stories.

So, rather than diving in too early, I think it’s time to impose a web blackout…


Maybe a “brownout” might be more realistic. The internet is too much an integral part of my daily life for me to avoid it completely.


So, what do you think?

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